I know health is wealth. If we do not have an abundance in health and wellness, life cannot be lived to the fullest. I have a passion and life purpose to coach people to transform, create, maintain, and live a life that is filled with more gratitude, connection, joy, and fulfillment in the extraordinary power of spirituality and nutritional health. While choosing healthier habits through more aligned spiritual practices and nutritional and whole food choices, we gain a sense of wholeness and integration in the mind-body connection. Without nurturing and nourishing these aspects or parts of our lives, we develop and feed dis-ease, an excess of stress and anxiety, and nutritional deficiencies.


Here are some questions I would love for you to journal, before we start to transform your life

1. What are your beliefs about spirituality and food? Are you limiting yourself and your possibilities? 

2. Do you have a daily and integrated spiritual practice? Why or why not?

3. Are your daily diet and eating habits affecting your overall well-being and mood? Why do you keep eating the same food that does not nurture or nourish you?

4. Do you have a support system? Do you need a support system? Why haven't you reached out and established one, if you need a support system?

5. Do you use supplements or medications? Are these supplements or medications feeding or hindering your overall well-being and mood?

6. Do you have certain activities, in your routine, to alleviate stress and anxiety? Are you stopping yourself from certain activities, in your routine, that you know will alleviate stress and anxiety and lead to better stress and anxiety management? Why?

7. Are you lacking accountability, in the lifestyle changes and choices you know you are needing to make? When and how are you willing to hold yourself accountable for your lifestyle changes and choices you are needing to make?

I can provide you with the tools and support you need to redefine your mind and body connection so you can create, nurture, and sustain the space necessary for transformational changes and healing in your life.

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